There are many misconceptions around fashion, one of which is that you need to have a lot of money to look good. Another misconception is that just because its expensive it must be great, on the flip side if its cheap it must be bad. The truth is far more boring than you might think. 

Yes good fabric and great designs have to be paid for and might not always be in your budget but there is an art to looking good. The first step actually does not start with the price of the items you need, it actually starts with you and what you currently have in your wardrobe. You need to understand these two pieces first, your personal style and your current arsenal. Some of your buys over the years have not been that bad while others are probably terrible, terrible meaning they no longer fit and you should have given them away a long time ago.

Understanding your personal style and what goes with your skin color, body shape and personality is a must. You spend more money when you buy pieces that you dont need and that you will never have any reason to wear.

Next draw up your list of must haves, every guy for example needs at least 3 pairs of white shirts in their wardrobe if they are actively working and that ever fateful black skirt is a wardrobe essential. 

Now that we have our must haves (an article on that soon), its important to swear to the cult of bargain hunters. There is nothing wrong in getting a good deal and you should never feel ashamed. Browse sites, follow relevant pages and look out for holiday deals like a shark to blood. Always haggle the price if the store allows you to do so and drive down the price as much as possible. If you have passion for fashion you might as well become a seller and buy your own pieces at wholesale prices. There is no law against this and if there was we will still find away around this.

In the end all that matters is that we slay, we slay for breakfast, lunch and that occasional candle lit dinner.