Every skin tone deserves to be flattered. Identifying what best suits you is integral to your overall attractiveness. You need to understand that this is very important when you pick up your cart to shop. I understand that sometimes we like to pick certain colors as regards our mood or the event, but it is strongly advised that regardless of the mood or event as the case may be, what should come topmost on your check list should be what flatters you the most. Girlfriend, you need to come to the table with your A-game. The pursuit is worth it.

So, how do we get this right?

We need to establish here that skin tones are different from complexion. You might be light, medium or dark in complexion, that is different from your skin undertone.

First off, you   need to able to determine your skin undertone. There have been so many ways proffered in knowing your skin tones by various skin experts. One of the easiest and most effective method I would recommend any day any time is what I have surnamed ‘The Veins Reflector’.

In adopting the vein reflector method, you can make use of the outline below;

1.Wash your arms thoroughly. You need this so as to visibly see your skin void of debris and any  other patch of color you might have picked up during the activities of the day.

2.Sit under a natural source of light. Reflections of light bulbs can interfere with the appearance of your skin tone.

3.Stretch out your arm under this source of light. The part of your arm that is naturally hidden from the sun is the true reflection of what your skin undertone is. This inside  part of your arm, that part where the doctors usually ‘gun’ for when searching for your veins, is the perfect spot. Now, the color your vein reflects is what determines your skin undertone.

There are three skin undertones. The warm skin undertone, the cool skin undertone and the  neutral skin undertone.

~If your vein pigmentation is greenish, then you have a warm skin undertone.

~If your vein pigmentation is blueish then you have a cool skin undertone.

~if your vein pigmentation is yellowish with some streak of green  then that’s a neutral skin undertone

                           CELEBRITY DOPPLE GANGERS.

The warm skin undertone gang includes the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce,   Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez .

The neutral skin undertone gang has Angelina Jolie,  Julia Roberts, Kerry Washington, Julianne Moore.

For the cool skin undertone,our black panther queen is onboard, Lupita  Nyongo followed by Cate Blandett and Violet Davis.

                            THE RIGHT SHADES .

Now that we know how to determine our skin tones and what category we fall into ,It’s time to streamline our options.

1.The Warm skin undertone:

 *RED            *CORAL       *YELLOW      *MOSS   *ORANGE       *OLIVE       *AMBER         *MUSHROOM GRAY

2.The Cool skin undertone:

*BLUE                                *RUBY        *COOL GREY              *SUPER PALE YELLOW      * EMERALDS                 *PINK              *NAVY                    *BRIGHT WHITE


*COFFEE           *BLACK            *LIGHT BLUSH PINK      * TEAL



So, there we have it! It’s time to rock that room with colors that flatter you. Wear your color, with pride.

Go, Girl!

Go, Queen!